Getting Started with Jamroom
by Admin, 10/22/13 03:21:11
Thank you for taking the time to install Jamroom - now that everything has been installed, you'll want to spend some time looking around your new Jamroom install, and begin learning how Jamroom operates. Jamroom is very powerful, and you'll find there are A LOT of different configuration options that will help you setup your site exactly as you want it, so make sure and spend some time in the Jamroom Config section checking out all of the different features that can be set in Jamroom.

You'll also want to check out the Jamroom Documentation:

if you have any questions on how something in Jamroom works. You'll also find a VERY helpful User Support Forum, with thousands of posts and users covering pretty much everything you can imagine, so make sure and stop by and let us know how you are doing.

Once you are ready to unlock the full power of Jamroom, check out the different options available for purchase on our purchase page:

as well as a nice overview of what the different Jamroom Packages will add to your Jamroom:

There's a setup to suit everyone's needs (as well as budget).

Thank you again for installing Jamroom!

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